Feeling Like a Kid Again Among the Butterflies

Winter is never going to end, or least it feels that way in Chicago.

That is why I decided to get out of my wintery funk by going to the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum to check out the butterfly exhibit. While the museum is geared mainly towards kids, I got to feel like a kid again when I walked into the Butterfly Haven. It was very balmy in there, a much needed relief from the cold outside. I immediately noticed this guy hogging one of the feeding stations:


There were so many beautiful specimens of butterflies to be seen that I felt a little giddy, like a young girl again.


In addition to the gorgeous butterflies, there were interesting plants, birds flying about, even a turtle and koi fish. I would definitely recommend the Nature Museum for the young and young at heart.



And when you exit the butterfly portion of the museum, you can see more butterflies being created in cocoons. How cool is that?