My Dream Wedding: Sparkly Shiny Happy People Version

Yes, I realize that I am 30 years old and still am obsessed with sparkles. Is that bad?

I think it is great, which is why I love when I see brides planning weddings that are filled to the gills with sparkly goodness. When it comes to your wedding day, you should get to wear whatever you want, decorate however you please, and dance the night away under a disco ball.

 When it comes to my dress. I want to light up the aisle, the dance floor, everywhere! I love how this dress has tons of sparkle and sheer sleeve coverings to conceal my problem arm areas.


I truly cannot decide whether I would want to wear my hear up or down, but if it is up in a loose chignon, I would definitely adorn it with this amazing hair jewelry. Is that a term? It is now.


I don’t know if they would love me or hate me for it, but how amazing/horrifying would it be if my bridesmaids all wore a version of this sequin gown?


See, this bride did a similar thing for her winter wedding. I think it looks amazing and totally chic.


No matter whether my wedding is indoors or out, I think a chandelier is appropriate. Top it with electric lights or candles and I will be a happy girl.


As for table toppers/name holders, how could I say no to these amazing glitter unicorns? I saw them on Style Me Pretty and they went to my Pinterest board IMMEDIATELY…


And then I could put them onto this sequined table covering…yes, it is WAY too much. But I’m just throwing the ideas out there.


When I inevitably take off my heels to tear up the dance floor, I could display my bejeweled heels with this glass jar idea.


Well, these are just a few of the sparkly ideas that I’ve seen floating around on the web that I totally love. There are so many more ideas out there, many of them DIY, which I love even more. Why pay a fortune when you can convince your hubby-to-be that it would be fun to add sparkle to 50 vases? Just give him that winning smile of yours and the promise of a cold beer after.


My Dream Wedding: Outdoor/Barn Version

I spend a lot of time on Style Me Pretty, Green Wedding Shoes and the Ruffled blog.

If you know what I am talking about then we are on the road to becoming best friends. I do this to search for new ideas to further my own wedding photography business in Chicago, but also just to drool over what other brides are doing.

Sure, I don’t exactly have a ring on my finger just yet, but a girl can dream, right?

The problem is that with so many options available, I am having trouble choosing one coherent theme. If I put all of my hopes and wishes together into one wedding, it might be more Alice in Wonderland than anything else. That is why I am going to break down my dream wedding into several different blogs, each with a new theme. I hope that this will help you with your own wedding planning, plus it will justify my need to drool a little more over everything that the internet has to offer.

So my first theme is an outdoor wedding with the ceremony being held in a barn. I imagine that my groom and his best buds will be wearing suspenders, maybe some tweed vests and jaunty caps:


As for me, there are a million dresses that I might choose, but I love this one with the lacy cap sleeves and scalloped edging:


Our ceremony would be held in the middle of a field, or under a giant tree that feels like it could only exist in a dream. I would have cute accents like these flowers in bottles, which would be easy to do myself. I love this altar made of books, since I am an avid reader, but I might go for something with twigs, berries and flowers.

bottle books

If possible, we would stand on a giant hay bale and kiss as the sun sets behind us. We will also bring along our adorable dog – yet to be adopted – and he/she would be a ring bearer and all around cute member of the wedding party.

dog hay

Our barn ceremony would be decked out to the max, yet still conveying a sense of rustic chic. Is that a thing? There will be chandeliers and tons of greenery, but won’t feel so stuffy that people won’t take off their shoes and dance the night away.

barn dance

Doesn’t that sound like a beautiful day? It sure does to me.