New Beginnings Before the New Year

A few weeks ago I said goodbye to my sweet kitty Priscilla. She was my best feline friend, my fellow road trip warrior, and she kept me sane through difficult times. While all of the advice blogs said that I should rush out and adopt another kitty immediately, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Instead, I contacted my favorite animal shelter ever, PAWS in Chicago, and asked to be a part of their foster program. I was contacted yesterday by Ashley who was very helpful, along with a volunteer named Sarah, who set me up with Blake.

Blake is a sweetie who is just under a year old and so playful. When she was found on the street, she had suffered a dog bite to her nape. While she still does not love being touched on the neck, Blake just loves attention and playing with a variety of toys. If you are interested in adopting Blake or another kitty or pup from PAWS, check out their website or just go to their amazing facility. Blake will be staying with me for one month, at which point she will go back to the shelter and hopefully shortly after to her furever home.



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