Reasons I Love October

If you know me, you know my biggest battle: staying warm.

Unless it is completely sweltering outside, I am likely to be wearing long sleeves and shivering when everyone else is enjoying the weather. So why do I love October, the month when it starts to get really cold in Chicago? Let me count the ways:

1) Beginning of fall: there is something uniquely beautiful about the fall season that can make even the grumpiest grump smile. Sure, spring brings gorgeous bouquets and summer heralds jacket-free weather, but fall signals all of those fun holidays that are just around the corner. When the trees become an array of reds, yellows and oranges, I Just want to rake up a big pile of them and dive in like a kid. Who wants to join me?

2) Halloween: yes, I still love Halloween. As a style chameleon, I am always changing my wardrobe. Sure, I have my tried and true favorites, but I love experimenting with new trends. Halloween is the one day where you can dress up as anyone or anything you like and get away with it. Within reason, of course – c’mon ladies, let’s stay classy out there this year!  I still can’t decide what I should be this year. HuffPost released a list of totally creative Halloween costume ideas but I will probably wind up finding something weird in my closet and running with it.

3) Sweaters, knit leggings and cozy hats: oh man, when I dig my sweaters out of storage, I am one happy lady. Throwing on a sweater when the weather starts to get a little chilly always puts a smile on my face, especially when it is a new sweater filled with a whole season of possibilities.

4) Crochet: whether you think it is cool or not, I love to crochet. I taught myself how to crochet two years ago by watching several YouTube videos and find such comfort in it. I can’t quite crochet when it is warm out, so I save it for the fall and winter seasons. During those times you are likely to see some yarn and a crochet hook hanging out of my purse. Like my other Pinterest boards, I have pinned a ton of crochet pieces I want to make this year. My goal is to make five of them for myself, friends and family.

5) Holiday anticipation: I know that Santa Claus is not real but I still get giddy for the holidays. Seriously, if someone could hypnotize me to believe in the big man again, I would be very tempted to do it.

6) Crockpot goodness: in my house, the crockpot is used mostly in the fall and winter. Tonight I used my cherry red Crockpot for the first time and made a delicious shepherd’s pie using this recipe. Man, it was so tasty. If I wasn’t watching my weight, I might have scarfed down the whole thing by myself.


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