Fall Family Fun in Charleston, SC

There is nothing quite like getting back home.

While I was back home for just one week, it was enough time to get my fill of family time. My parents are a funny duo: while my mother is super chatty and extra wacky, my father is reserved and incredibly smart. Together, they made a super child – me! I heard recently that 32 is the age that we turn into our parents, and I believe it. I am not quite at 32 but I am definitely showing characteristics from both my mom and dad that I never thought I would. And the thing is, I am glad for it.

Mom gave me a massive love for animals, which is why it was no surprise when I met the newest addition to the family: Holly. Can you tell she is missing me? Holly is a sweet 1-year-old who is a rescue from a local shelter. She was found wandering around alone with a nasty eye infection. While one eye had to be removed, Holly does just fine with her remaining site. I’ll be honest: I spent a few moments walking around with one eye squeezed shut to see how Holly felt and it wasn’t too bad!



The day before I returned to Chicago, we brought Lily, the sweetest and goofiest rescue greyhound around, to our secret beach. Alright, it might not be ours nor very secret, but we enjoy going there. My father allowed me to take a picture of him – you can almost see a smile there – while I caught my mother and Lily digging for crabs in a tidal pool. On the way home I experienced a crazy amount of turbulence, but luckily I sat next to the sweetest couple who talked me out of running up and down the aisles screaming. They used to work for the Oprah show so they regaled me with stories about celebrities, the big O and much more until the wheels touched the pavement. All in all, it was a great trip, and probably my last one for 2013.

chs2a chs3a


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