Tears Lead to Big Smiles at Weddings, and I Can Barely Hold Back My Own

Do you know what get’s me close to tears at weddings? A good father of the bride speech and weepy grooms.

Before I left for my big adventure out west, I shot a wedding in Milwaukee. It was a gorgeous affair, but what I remember the most was the way that the groom reacted to, well, just about everything involving his bride. I am not sure that I have seen a man more in love with his better half than Jim.

Whenever I am shooting groom preparation, it is a time filled with tons of laughter, some off-color jokes and usually a few shots of something you need to be 21 to drink. However, Jim was a perfect gentleman, not only to me but to his great groomsmen. He helped them with their ties, hurried them along in the shower and was just a big walking smile all morning. That was until he started opening the gifts from his bride-to-be before the big event.

A huge basketball fan, Jim received an autographed basketball, which brought oohs and aahs – in manly tones, of course – from his best buds. It was the personalized jewelry box that brought tears to his eyes. It was a moment that I was so happy to be a part of , but one that reminded me just how powerful love truly can be.


A few moments later I ducked into the bridal suite where Jamie was just about to step into her dress. When I told her Jim’s reaction to the gifts, she did a massive fist pump and said “heck yeah!” And that, ladies, is how it is done.


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