Adventures Out West: MP Photography Hits the Road For Two Weeks

I love an adventure.

There is nothing like hitting the open road and letting fate dictate where you go. However, I am also a huge planner, which puts me at odds with myself. The beau and I are leaving on Sunday for our grand adventure out west and I admit that I have pretty much been packed for two weeks. With one more wedding to shoot on Saturday, I finished packing today, which was a considerable feat since we will be spending half of our time camping.

Me, camping? Yes, it is true. I am laughing at myself already.

While we decided not to plan everything out to the minute, we have established a route that we plan on taking. It will take us through 7 states and over terrain that I have never seen.

Fullscreen capture 8222013 63713 PM

The only thing I am truly sad about it leaving my sweet kitty behind. She always knows when I am packing and whenever I turn my back, I will inevitably find her in my suitcase. It is her way of saying “Mom, I know what you are doing and I am not happy about it. Look, look at my mad face.”


Today, however, I had to tell Priscilla that Mommy REALLY needs a vacation.

And with everything packed and ready to go in the living room, the reality of our massive trip is setting in. I hope that you will follow our adventures across the great American west on my blog, and feel free to make any suggestions for our trip along the way.

Bon voyage!


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