No Gym? No Problem! Free Tools For Getting a Healthier, Stronger and Slimmer Wedding Day Body

I love and hate working out.

Since my gym is only a block away, it is very easy to convince myself to go, even when it is frigid outside. However, many of the workouts that I do at the gym are ones that I have found online. You see, rather than hire a personal trainer – and they are very good looking at my gym, I might add – I have been able to keep in great shape with free online workouts. In fact, I have had the trainers at my gym approach ME to see where I get my sweet moves. My answer? Pinterest.

If you are like me, you get easily bored of doing the same thing over and over again. I can only do the stepper machine for so long before I feel like a workout zombie. That is when I break out my Pinterest app and start researching new workout routines. I am going to save you a lot of time by providing you with a link to my Workouts board on Pinterest, as well as a list of my favorite sites. Along with these great workout routines, it is important to bring plenty of water, music and headphones, and the attitude that the number on the scale does not define you. In fact, I do the skinny jeans test instead: if they fit, maintain your routine. If not, step it up in your workouts and switch up your diet!

1. This website is chock-full of workout routines that you can do at home or at the gym. You can also find yummy nutritious recipes to supplement and encourage weight-loss in a healthy way.

2. If videos help you workout, then this is your website. The workout gurus have seriously hard bodies that will each make you want to cry or workout a little harder.

3. If you don’t feel like buying the magazine this month, check out Women’s Health magazine website. They don’t skimp on the free workout routines and recipes.

4. The same goes for this website. It has printable workouts as well as video workouts, both of which will get you sweating fast.



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