Details, Details, Details: How the Little Stuff Can Make a Big Difference in Your Wedding

I admit it: I go nuts for weddings with tons of tiny details.

Give me yards of burlap, handfuls of glitter, wildflowers, paper pompoms and whatever else you have because I LOVE IT ALL. Reading Style Me Pretty and Green Wedding Shoes gives me goosebumps sometimes when I see the creative ways that people not only accessorize themselves, but deck out their ceremony and reception. Since I am not inherently creative like that, being able to capture that on the other side of the camera gives me just as much joy.

However, not everyone has a budget for tons of tiny touches, not to mention the time. That is why I love creative cake toppers. There are SO MANY cute options out there that I hardly ever see the standard groom and bride toppers from decades before. Last weekend I shot a wedding at the Silver Lake Country Club in Orland Park and couldn’t help but smile at the cake topper: it was the bride and groom cruising on an ATV. How cute is that?


Of course, there are so many more options when it comes to creative cake toppers. Here are a few that I have seen on the blogosphere and have made it onto my own Pinterest page:

pinch fox dog


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