Photowalk: Summertime in the Big City and Big Waves

Chicago sure is a wacky place to live when it comes to weather.

The winters are abysmally long and the summers, especially this summer, can’t seem to make up their minds. Two weeks ago it was nearly 100 degrees; yesterday, it felt like autumn and I had to dig out a jacket. The beau and I went for a bike ride to Montrose Beach to check out the kite surfers who were taking advantage of the massive waves plummeting the beaches. It was amazing to watch these guys not only get in the frigid water, but to sail up into the air to heights that blew the mind. Luckily I had my new best friend, my 70-200, on hand to capture the action. What I did not have was a tripod or monopod so it had to fight hard against the winds that were whipping sand up in a frenzy at our feet.We later learned that the guys were part of Fresh Coast Kiteboarding, a local company that does lessons, sells gear and whatnot for those not afraid to fly above the water.

To end the night, Mikey read my mind and my stomach and suggested that we go to Little India. Reason #840 why I love him and why he is so sneaky – the man knows just when to suggest Indian food despite the fact that we are supposed to be eating out less and cooking in more. All in all, it was a great end to a chilly summer day in Chicago.



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