Family Portraits: Never Perfect, But Always Treasured

Every year I travel to New Jersey to visit one side of my family for Father’s Day. For a few precious days my nieces and nephew run circles around me and I try to keep up. I usually pass out every night into a deep sleep because their boundless energy is better than any cup of sleepytime tea. This year I was lucky enough to see two of my cousins and some of their children, as well as my aunt and uncle. When you live so far away from everyone, just a few hours spent chatting and catching up can fill the void for months, even years, spent apart.

This year I brought my tripod and a wireless remote trigger to capture the Park clan. After running back and forth several times like a fool, which helped to entertain everyone, I captured a few shots that I will treasure forever. I highly recommend buying a wireless remote for your camera if possible, or learning how to use the self-timer function. Even basic point-and-shoot cameras offer this handy function which is perfect for capturing group shots with yourself in them.


DSC_2444 copy


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