Hippie Weddings Are Making Me Swoon

I love weddings of all shapes and sizes.

However, I have been seeing a ton of weddings on my fave wedding blog sites that are making me want to put on a long sheer dress, wear a flowery headpiece and do a moon dance in a field of sunflowers. Maybe it’s because my mom is a refined hippie, but I cannot get enough of earthy, feel-good weddings lately. Want to share the warm fuzzy feelings with me? Check out these incredible weddings and inspiration shoots.

Backyard Connecticut Wedding: I sent this to my boyfriend’s sister who is as close to a real hippie as anyone I know. Although I could easily replace her with the girl in the pictures, she said it was too hipsterish. Then I said that I want to be a hipster but am too old. She responded by saying the coolest hipsters are in their thirties. That means that I can have an equally cool hipsterish, hippie-ish wedding in the future. Cool.

Retro Meets Rustic: This shoot, featured on Green Wedding Shoes today, put me over the edge. Can someone please replicate this and use it for their own wedding? Oh yeah, and book me to shoot it! Wonderful.

Wedding Yurts: I really love how the word “yurt” sounds. To plan a wedding in one would be super extra awesome, like the one styled for this inspiration shoot. Plus, it had tons of birds in the. Put a bird on it!

Nashville Hippie Wedding: Okay, so this is a bit over-the-top with crazy hippie vibes, but I love it anyway. Look at their cherubic faces? Oh my gosh, peace and love for everyone, y’all. By the way, I am allowed to say y’all because I lived in South Carolina for 7 years. Check out those creds.

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