Monday Evening Roundup: Memorial Day Weekend

When it comes to planning, I tend to get a bit giddy. The more items I have crowding my calendar, the more excited I become about my upcoming days, weeks or months. That is why I was so excited for this weekend. Since Memorial Day weekend is typically the kickoff for summer, I was expecting tons of time on the beach, outdoor BBQs and frolics in the sunshine.

Well, the weather gods did not want me or anyone in the Chicago region to have any fun outdoors. It was chilly, rainy and overall gloomy Gus weather.

That did not stop me from going to a birthday bash and a BBQ, where I ate too much food, as always. Yet when the actually holiday rolled around on Monday, we had nothing planned. Luckily we have friends who always welcome us into their home, even on short notice. Of course, it helps that they just had twin boys and are always in need of an extra pair of hands. We ate enchiladas, refried beans and tons of oatmeal cookies. The men juggled and wore donuts on their heads to entertain Mariela while two generations of mothers fed hungry boys. There is nothing better than being a fly on the wall for these beautiful family moments.

silly copy babies2 copy


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