Monday Evening Roundup

There is nothing quite like getting away to refresh the mind, body and soul…even if the journey only takes you two hours.

This weekend Mike and I took a last-minute romantic rendezvous to the Abbey at Lake Geneva, WI. We celebrated our one-year anniversary with massages, amazing pizza and s’mores. How cool is that? The Abbey starts up a fire every weekend and sets up a s’mores station. I won’t tell you how many I ate but it was just the right amount.

When we returned to Chicago I was back in the car the next day to do two shoots in Milwaukee: an engagement shoot and a family shoot. Of course, pictures to follow. As soon as I got back from the fun but tiring shoots, I had to get ready for the big event of the week: WPPI On the Road. This 2-day seminar was chock-full of amazing photographers that inspired and taught me so much. While I cannot pick my favorite speaker from today, I truly appreciated each one for different reasons. A huge thank-you goes out to Blair Phillips, Mike Long, Jared Platt, Sandy Puc, and David and Whitney Scott for showing me that the road to becoming a successful photographer is often a long, difficult road, but one well worth traveling.


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