Community Gardens, Green Thumbs and New Beginnings

When I was a kid, my mother used to make me pull weeds. Boy, did I ever hate doing it! Which is why I find it funny now that I am doing just that, of my own volition, to create my first ever vegetable garden.

Just a block from my house there is a community garden where you can rent a plot for $75 – for the whole summer! Mike and I decided that we were going to try and be organic vegetable farmers this year. He is already talking about all of the pasta sauce he will make and jar, while I dream of fresh salads filled with vegetables we can proudly call our own.

Yesterday we visited our plot for the first time and found that it was already decorated from the previous year. Colorful flags festoon the edge while a variety of plants have already started growing. We asked a fellow gardener and she surmised that they are of the onion variety. What do you think? Tomorrow we will go to the annual plant fair to pick out some seedlings. We are planning on buying tomatoes, onions, squash and a few other veggies to fill our 8′ x 4′ plot. Have any helpful gardening hints? I would love to hear them!





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