My Favorite Wedding Photographers in the World

I could literally spend hours looking at wedding photography pictures. There are so many talented people that there is almost an overabundance of “wedding porn,” as puts it. In my online travels, I have come across a few photographers that have made me put down my coffee and just start drooling. These men and women inspire me while giving me new ideas for my own photography. Without further ado, the top 5 wedding photographers that rock my world:

1. Jasmine Star: I think my boyfriend is sick of hearing me talk about Jasmine. “Honey, I just got her book in the mail!” “Hey babe, do you know what Jasmine wrote?” Not only do I absolutely love, love, love her images, but I feel like Jasmine and I could be best friends. If you can afford to, I would book her immediately for your wedding.

2. Jeff Ascough: This UK-based photographer introduced me to the idea of natural light photography for weddings. According to his blog, he never uses a flash and shoots primarily with prime lenses. His images are real, unstaged and make you want to be a part of any wedding that he shoots.

3. Jen Huang: Dreamy, creamy and so beautiful – Jen’s photography is as gorgeous as a painting. She also holds workshops for fellow photographers, which I hope to join one day.

4. Daniel Usenko: This guy is crazy talented. Not only does he share his incredible images with us on the web, but he also has video snippets that show his technique. Love him as much as I do? You can purchase the entire DVD set of his wedding photography tutorials and editing tips.

5. Angela Hubbard: I fell in love with Angela when I read her blog post about a wedding in Perth. The way she captured each moment, from a super smiley bride to adorable finishing touches, I was inspired all over again to become an even better wedding photographer. Plus, she shoots true rock n’ roll types, which makes her extra cool. If you are planning a wedding in or near Vancouver, give her a call!


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