Why Wedding Photography is the Best Job in the World

Yes, I am new to the world of wedding photography so maybe I cannot yet make this claim. But I feel that future me is definitely going to agree with current me with this bold proclamation.

Why do I love shooting weddings?

Quite simply, I am in love with love.

There is nothing better than watching two people fall in love all over again at the altar, followed by a party with friends and loved ones. Whether that party is being held in a barn or a fancy schmancy hotel, there is no wedding too big or too small that won’t put tears in my eyes. I cannot get enough of the father-of-the bride speeches, delicate details and the breakdown of a tough guy front as a groom gets to kiss his bride.

As if all of that weren’t amazing enough, I get to capture it all and share it with the bride and groom afterward. My hope is to create images that will inspire tears of happiness not just for the wedding party, but for their children, grandchildren and future generations to come.




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